Join the Wellspring Calgary Team

Join the Wellspring Calgary Team

Simple Steps to help you join the Wellspring Light it Up Calgary Team!

1. Visit HERE

2. There is a chart with all the Event Names. Beside Team Registration click on Register Now! ***It is very important that you click on “Register Now!” beside “Team Registration”, if you choose the option beside 3KM Walk, 5KM Run/Walk or 10KM Run you will not be able to choose which team you want to join.

3. You will be asked for your running room account information or to sign up for an account, You can leave this area blank and simply click on (“continue”).

4. On the first page of registration enter your individual registration information and then click on “confirm and continue”.

5. On the second page, answer the first four questions including which distance you will be participating in (3KM, 5KM or 10KM) and then under the team section select “Team Member”.

6. Select the Wellspring Calgary Team

7. Enter the team password nik34rif

8. Continue with the regular registration process!

Contact Wellspring Calgary:

1404 Home Road NW
Calgary, Alberta T3B 1G7
Phone: 403.521.5292
Fax: 403.521.5298